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Volunteering to Work at the Fair

We wholeheartedly agree with the adage that many hands make light work. 

There are so many things to be done the day of the Fair! We are always grateful when our fellow citizens volunteer to help out, as so many of our Association members are business owners who represent their businesses at the Fair. 

Vendor Registration and Set Up is for morning people! As we start bright and early on Saturday at 8am when our vendors begin setting up their spaces. These volunteers help vendors check in, find their space, and find where to park their vehicles.  


Bayonne Hometown Fair Tent volunteers are needed as there is always something exciting happening at the Bayonne Hometown Fair Tent. These volunteers help staff the tent, answer questions about when/where fun things are happening all around the Fair, and more; you are the face of the Fair!


Carnival Game Booths are fun and games, but only adults can volunteer for this job as it requires working with money. And don't worry, there is a professional present from the carnival company to help actually operate the booth!


Characters are for the most fun among us! You will be bringing to life superstars like Mickey & Minnie, Sponge Bob & Peppa, or Paw Patrol's Chase & Marshall for the delight of Bayonne's children. Character volunteer slots are only for one hour, and breaks are taken to make sure volunteers are appropriately rested and hydrated. 

We hope you'll join us!

Joining the Association

We are always on the look out for fellow citizens who love Bayonne to join the Association. The Association generally meets once a month, except in April when we meet twice, May when we meet every week, and July when when we take a well earned break following the Fair.

We meet at local businesses owned/operated by Association members, most recently at The Vic Tavern on Hobart Avenue. 

Elections are held every August, and any Association member is eligible to be elected to the board. 

There are no attendance requirements for Association members, but Board members must attend at least ten of the 16 regular meetings per year. 

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